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What if there was a way to create a brand new look for your home while not breaking the bank? At Frank Keim and Son, you can trust that you'll get quality, affordable replacement siding for your home or new siding for your custom built home.

Why not match your environmentally friendly new siding with energy efficient windows? At Frank Keim and Son, you can improve minimize your environmental footprint while vamping up your home's look.

You will get quality workmanship and products when you call us for your residential siding needs.

Don't stop at just siding and windows. Maximize the space of your property with a brand new addition as well. Our family owned and operated business GUARANTEES all of our work.

Our vinyl siding is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option that can dramatically increase your curb appeal. Decrease your spending without decreasing quality - our professionals will give you the highest quality new vinyl siding leaving your home in great shape, catching the eye of all of your neighbors.

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